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    racheliventWelcome to Messy Bun, my personal blog. My name’s Rachel Vincent, but call me Rachel! I am so excited to share this blog with you! To get started, I’m gonna share some things about myself!




  • I love writing!
  • I blog on Nancy DrewΒ , Authors Press, and a collab writing blog, The Writing Writers!
  • I have a pet, a black cat named Willbur. ❀
  • My favorite food is grilled cheese!
  • I love love love chocolate milk.
  • Even more, icecream.
  • Let’s just say I love sugar. πŸ™‚
  • I love graphic design
  • I am a Christian
  • I love thinking.
  • I enjoy reading. Okay, I love reading. Okay, I ADORE reading!
  • I love doing my hair in a messy bun. Umm, duhh! They knew that Rachel!
  • I love riding my bike!!
  • My favorite color is turquoise. Or light purple. Or ombre pink. Or…

That’s just a bit about me! You can learn a bit more about me on the About page.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!






Are you ready for some #OOTS (outfits of the season)? 

So EVERYONE is doing a welcome fall/fall outfits/summer recap thing. So I joined the crowd and walah. You’ve got yourself a post!

The Tops

This is the comfiest sweater I own. It has adorable red stars! Sorry for quality… From: The Loft

This was the best picture I took☝. The sweater is a bit nicer and is comfortable. From: Gap

Who doesn’t have a flannel shirt laying around. Flannel is definitely trendy and SUPER warm and comfy! I love this shirt. From: Old Navy

Pretty much the softest thing ever!!! It says “I love you” in grey and is a blushy pink. I love it SOOOO much! FROM: Live Love Dream

Who doesn’t LOVE Hollister? This shirt is a vibrant blue with McDonald’s yellow πŸ”. Its more of a sunny day than a comfy stay at home style, but is soft after being washed. It says Hollister on the left sleeve and Hollister California 1922 on the chest. FROM: HOLLISTER *believe it or not*

The Pants

Camo-Kiss and Cry

Light Blue- Forever 21

Faded- S.O.N.G

Red-Gap 1969 (zippers on legs!!

The Makeup

*I don’t wear a lot…*

Bare Minerals-Queen Phyliss 

This eyeshadow is a nude. It’s a sparkly tan color and is super easy to apply and not runny or anything. And its super natural and stuff. QP isn’t super obvious, and might be hard to see if not for the sparkles.
     Bare Minerals True Gold

I love this color! Gold eyeshadow is my thing, and who doesn’t love sparkle. This is VERY different from my other eyeshadow but layers well with it. It’s a very pretty color, and more obvious than QP.

*BURTS BEES IS NOT ALL NATURAL, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. NOT KIDDING. Anyway, this makes your lips look super moisturized. It doesn’t really color your lips, but my lips are already colored nicely πŸ’‹. Or soo I’ve been told… Ha. Its called Lip Shine, and the color is Whisper.

Not exactly makeup, but close. 

     I LOVE this color. It’s from OPI Nail Laquer. It’s very fally and matches my eyeshadow. It isnt glittery but is…sheeny. it’s called Worth a Pretty Penne. I bought it for $3.99 at TJ Maxx. It is super easy to apply, and I’m horrible at nail painting but can actually do this, it’s not runny. I love nail laquer, this stuff is the best!


Buns are all the rage this year and I have become a master. I did this last night before I went to bed and it stayed in pretty well. It’s adorable, too. + Super simple. 


I got this pumpkin at a local thriftish shop. It really just bundled up fabric with a pumpkin stem glued on top. It’s very awesome.

Hope you enjoyed this post! And for 100 likes, too!

You guys are awesome!!

Rants About Nearly Everything Bookish, in True Rachelic Fashion + an (cool?) Idea? + This is my 20th Post+Congrats to Jirah for 1000 followers!!

So I have a LOT of things to say.

*Big surprise* 

But before we do, I want to say that I have nothing against the people who do some of the mentioned things ↙.  I love y’all!! Now, on with the post!

      I can’t read The Book Theif. A big SRY to you bookaholics. I see it a lot on posts but SORRY. There are bad words. Do you guys consider this? I don’t know…maybe. But everytime a bad word comes up I’m like “NO PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THE CLUTCHES OF FOUL LANGUAGE. MAY THIS WORD BE SENT TO H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!” (I don’t say that word, really, but I think profanity is worthy of it)


     I cant read The Fault in our Stars. Umm, sexual content? No thanks. Yes, it’s a beautiful work of literature (or so I’ve heard). Something like that…


     I don’t buy books. Umm, what are libraries for? Seriously, I get you guys love books enough to go broke on them, but I leave that to the grandparents.


     I don’t have a bookshelf. Unless you count the one with TWO SHELVES in my closet. But ONLY if you count that. I just think “hey, library. Hey, free books. Sweet.” I don’t get to keep them, but it’s not THAT BAD.


     I still read books out of the kids section. So pretty much all the books I read are upstairs, on the children’s floor. And it works.


     I stink at book reviews. Hehe. You might’ve noticed. But I’m reading two good (cool person) books: The Boys in the Boat + Wake up Missing . I’m super excited!!! Have you read these?


     I’ve only read the first two KOTL books. I have an EXCUSE!!! So, pretty much our library doesn’t own the series and I’ve had to ask them to purchase them. They bought the first two 😏


     I am on the FOURTH Harry Potter book! Okay, so everyone is still reading these, and so I’m like number 22 on the wait list. Sad story: I had waited three months to get the next HP book and it was available and I didn’t push “Borrow” in time. Love and behold, I didn’t get to read the book! 


     I want more followers! So this is kinda un-book related *ya think?* But I would love having 100 followers on here! I’m a greedy follower needer 😳 #sorrynotsorry #shamelessselfpromo


     I read magazines. Whew. Got it off my chest. TBH I LOVEEE magazines. I love reading Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, and even Country Living. I love certain paets. Dont we all love magazines??


     Happy 1000 followers, Jirah Merizz!! I don’t know how you do it! You have been blogging almost two years and a whopping four digits already? Awesome! I wore my huge gold and white ball gown to your party!  Did the truck full of ice cream arrive yet?


     OMIGOSH I JIST HIT 149 FOLLOWS ON Nancy Drew!!!!! My 150th follower will get to do a COLLAB with me! A party is coming up!! Are you following ND? It’s more of my main blog, I guess. If you’re, take some ice cream. Or cookies. Or donuts. Ya know what, just take Krispy Kreme 😝 !! Or Dairy Queen. Or…I don’t know. Ha.


     Idea!! πŸ’‘πŸ’‘ So, I was wondering if you guys would like a diary thing. Like a diary of my black cat, Willbur. I know lots of people who love that stuff, and it’d be fun/hard to take pictures and stuff. Maybe a weekly thing?? I do t know.

Comment below whether or not I should do a pet diary!! Everyone who votes gets a shout-out on Nancy Drew!

This is the end, my friend. Just of the post, haha. I hope you enjoyed it!

     What are your thoughts on this rant? Do you buy books or reply on the library? Have you read all the Harry Potter and/or the Keeper of the Lost Cities (KOTLC) books? What do you think of my new idea? Tell me!

CPC Contest

Carol is having a contest! Team Lily!!!

The prompts I used: I used all of them! They are italicized!

     Maybe it was just one minute. Maybe a second. Or maybe one microsecond.

It just happened WAY too fast.

 I never knew my parents, really. They were killed when I was five. Before my eyes. It was so fast. Fleeting memories are all I have. Memories, a bike, and a name: Everly. My parents named me that because they said they’d love me forever. That’s what the letters say, at least. 

     My parents were rebels in the great war. They thought if they ever died, they should tell me some things. So they wrote letters. 

     The war was lost quite valiantly. Now we are under the rule of the Ambersteens. They are cruel and ruthless. Oh, and they hate my guts. 

     About everyone else here hates the Ambersteens, too, but everyone is too afraid to do anything. 

     I live by a river. Just me, my bike, and the letters. The letters that could change the world. Only I didn’t know this.


     I lie down under the bridge. I close my eyes. I fall asleep.

  “Everly? Everly, wake up!” a voice, distinctly masculine wakes me from my light sleep.

  “What the heck? I’m trying to sleep!” I say to the boy.

  “No, you’ve got to listen to me. They’re coming.”

  “They? Who’s they? Who are you, for that matter?” I have so many questions for this boy.

  “We don’t have time. It’s the Ambersteen. They’re coming for you!” 

  I’m instantly at alert at this name. I sit up and get my first glimpse of the boy. My first impression: he’s cute. Undeniably cute. 

  “Dang, I have a crush,” I think to myself. (Not a prompt!!) I stand up, hoping my hair is okay. I catch my reflection in thr shards of a glass bottle, thrown by one of the many drunkards who roam our street at night. My black hair is dull, but not my usual rat’s nest. Sweet.

  “Let’s go!” The cute boy says urgently. His face is cute when he’s nervous.


     We run. He grabs my hand (I blush) and we run. He has long legs that make him really fast. I run harder, trying to make it look effortless.

     I know I shouldn’t, but I look back. Across the street stand two people. They don’t even look that old. 

  “Faster!” the boys screams, the intensity of the moment causing my heart to beat faster and faster.

      We do run. I run so hard I feel like my lungs will fall out. “Stop, I can’t go any longer,” I gasp, the words tumbling our in a dissaray. 

  “To the hill. Once we get there we can rest. There’s a forest. But you have to stay with me,” the boy gives me a concerned look. It’s adorable, but it also encourages me to run harder. 

     When we get to the forest, the boy leads me to a tree. He tells me to climb. I do. He follows. I hear the steps of my attackers approach the tree.

  “Do you even know how to do this?!” a voice asks.

  “I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold under water somebody before,” a voice, so uncertain, replies breathlessly. I stifle a gasp.

  “They’re in here. They have to be,” the first person says. Slowly, the voices fade away with the footsteps.

  “Why are they trying to kill me?” I whisper. (No prompt) 

  “Cause you’re Annie and Mark Lekmin’s kid,” he says, naming my parents, “and they want to kill every last one of us,” he says.

  “Wait, who are you? And what do you mean, us?” I ask.

  “Don’t you know, Everly? I’m Andrew, the son of your families best friend. And a rebel refugee.


(Above)The boy, coming to warn Everly

(Below) her bike!

(Above) The letters!!

I Thought of a Name for You Guys…Kinda!

Hey there!

Soo, I’ve noticed that bloggers name you. Hey there is getting old. Tabi Bear has the cutest name, she always greats you like “hello bears” . Somebody else calls her readers Bubbles, which I thought was weird at first but now I’m like ADORABLE!!!


I’m going for an animal name, since those are adorable, but I can’t decide. So YOU are! Yus, you!

You can vote up to 5 times. And suggestions are welcome. If dogs gets like 1,000 votes but somebody suggests cats and I love that, it’s cats. DWI

Without further ado…

  • Butterflies
  • Buttons (not an animal, but cute!)
  • Kittens
  • Dinosaurs
  • Chicks
  • Peepers (like hey peeps and everything)))
  • Elephants
  • Birdies
  • Zebras
  • Unicorns
  • Bunny Rabbits
  • Sloths
  • Ugly (no jk!!)
  • Snowmen (adorable!!)
  • Smiley Faces

Places to Hide Your Phone

Here we are. Okay, I’m here, I don’t know about you. You might be half reading this, half on your phone. Cause name one person who doesn’t have a phone practically glued to their hand.



     Anywhoopers, I have some very important news to tell you, but that’s at the end of the post. YOLO LITM


Okay, get a pencil  and a pen so you can write these down, because who doesn’t lose their phone 50% of the time.



I created this post so that you phonefaces can set your phones down and not be worried that that sibling or parent or their will take it.

*These 5 are places IN YOUR BEDROOM!! Other people, goodbye.*

Number One.

Under the bed. 

Set your phone on the ground and push it under the bed. It’s safe under their, as long as you’ve got a bed skirt. And carpet helps, cuz you just kick your $500 device across the floor and boom, hidden.

Number Dos (teaching you guys some culture)

In your dresser.

This place is very vulnerable, but slide it in between some pants and there you go. 

Number Three.

In a saggy bean bag.

My beanbag really needs more…beans. or whatever they’re called. But meanwhile, there are folds of soft bean baggy shell. Set your phone down and fold a bean bag piece over it. Just make sure you don’t sit on it. πŸ’ΊπŸ’ΊπŸ’πŸ’

Number Four

Between pillows.

This is myGO TO! I toss (literally, I stand at the door and toss it on my bed. I’ve  got good aim…most of the time) my phone in between pillows. It’s a soft landing, and you get a better throwing arm. I have like ten pillows, and it falls snugly in between.

Number Cinco

On the windowsill. 

❌❌Be careful with this!!!❌❌ I always forget I put my phone here and look everywhere (my room is a mess after looking) until spotting it on my windowsill. But tiny siblings can’t reach and tall siblings will overlook it.


Now, the special thing…

There is none. Now to all you evil people who just scrolled to the end, not reading my post, get your butt back up there and read this! To all you who read this post in full, hats off. You are truly a virtous being. Pat yourself on the back!

Do you hide your phone? Where’s you’re best hiding place? Will you hide it in any of these places? Are you excited about iPhone 8 and iPhone X? Facial recognition and animated emojis-animoji? Tell me!

I will love this forever β†—β†–β†—β†–β†—β†–β†—πŸ’˜πŸ’˜